For 2021, WUCA has made it easier for ultracyclists around the world to add up all of their long rides—outside and indoors–in pursuit of the Year Rounder achievements.  “COVID has changed our awareness of how important indoor riding can be for ultracyclists,” said Marc Poland, WUCA’s president. “Many of our athletes consider their indoor rides just as challenging, if not more challenging, than riding outside.”

Under the new rules for 2021, a qualifying ride must still be at least 145 km (or 90 miles) in length.  For indoor rides to count, the athlete must use an online app that calculates their effort in equivalent distances, such as Zwift. Each WUCA member is automatically entered into the year-rounder challenge. All they have to do is log-in, enter their ride data (and a link to the related data file, such as Strava or Garmin) and their distances add up automatically!

Poland explained, “Since UCI recognized an e-championship this year, it was clear to us that ‘going long’ on a trainer is part of ultracycling too. We are excited to make it easier for a hard-working ultracyclist to earn the recognition they deserve for all of their work on the bike!”

More details on the Year-Rounder, including the detailed rules, can be found when WUCA members log-in as members. The award recognition levels remain the same.  “Several riders emphasized to us that completing one long ride every month is much harder than it may seem.  By including indoor efforts, the most important recognition for consistency, the Larry Schwartz award, can be achieved by nearly anyone anywhere in the world,” Poland commented.