Nearly every single WUCA member begins by trying to complete what has been an impossible goal on their bicycle!  That is the cool thing about ultracycling—it is a great sport where you can test your limits and find out how much more is inside of you!

Our members are diverse in all possible ways—age, gender, race, nationality, bike type. . . and more. Only a very few are professional; nearly all of us are amateur athletes that love to go long on our bikes!

Ultracycling does not require special equipment; many first-timers will just use their regular road bike to get started! Sure, there are plenty of upgrades available (like in any sport) but they are not required to have a great experience!

One more thing—we cheer for each other’s success! It is amazing out on the road or in the pits how everyone helps each other keep going. Any new ultracyclist will always be amazed how many times someone cheers them along even when getting passed on the road!