First, while WUCA membership is not required, we strongly encourage it! Your membership will open the door to lots of valuable information on how to make your first event successful.

Second, you need to be prepared with the level of fitness and training appropriate to the demands of your first event-whether the race is 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 500 miles or more!

Third, you want to prepare the nutrition, hydration, and spare equipment you may need to stay fueled and operational during the event. Our Member Forum has lots of information on that topic.  Most ultracycling events include laps that take the athletes through the pits (just like an auto race) or allow rolling crew support-in either case, having the right stuff to keep rolling is critical.

Fourth, you need a bicycle, tuned and ready to go. WUCA athletes compete on regular road bikes (from single speed to 27 gears), recumbent bikes, hand-cycles, tandems, and more. But a mechanical problem (or poor fit) can be so disappointing, especially if you can avoid it with good mechanical care!

Finally, you need the emotional strength and courage to try! Ultracycling is an endurance sport that challenges every athlete to go beyond their limits and achieve the impossible. Yes, it can be physically uncomfortable; you may face rain or wind, hot or cold, potholes to avoid, and hills to climb (sometimes more than once!) Yes, just rolling across the starting line is a great accomplishment, but finishing that first race is simply an amazing moment!