One of WUCA’s most important jobs is maintaining the rules and standards for assuring the continued growth and success of ultracycling.

For cyclists (and their crew), the most important rules will be those that focus on the safety. In addition to the rules published for each event, WUCA is compiling a comprehensive guide to ensuring riders and crew have the benefit of the collective experience of those who have accumulated many thousands of miles of racing.

For promoters, WUCA has developed a detailed set of rules and guidelines.  Promoters will establish their own event rules, consistent with local regulations and unique parameters of each event.  Members may be confident, however, that races on the WUCA calendar are compliant with at least a minimum set of rules, available to promoters on this website.

For attempting a world record, one of the hardest achievements in any sport, the rules are more detailed and rigorously administered. Rules address application fees, measuring course distances, bicycle equipment and safety, training and use of officials, timing and measurement equipment, etc.-the World Record Rules.