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Cycling Zandvoort 6hr, 2022


Held on the Dutch Grand Prix formula car race circuit, the cycling races during the Cycling Zandvoort are exciting, challenging but most of all fun races to compete in. Once a year the Tarzan corner is build into a camping, are the pitboxes packed with bicycles and is there a different kind of racing on the circuit.

Cycling Zandvoort 6hr, 20222023-06-21T18:47:52-07:00

Maryland Endurance Challenge 6-Hour, CANX – 2022


Regretably, this event has been cancelled for 2022. As one of WUCA members' favorites, it will hopefully return in 2023.Two (very scenic) 34.2-mile loops followed by a 6.6-mile loop, all monitored by timing chips. This will be a drafting-legal event.

Maryland Endurance Challenge 6-Hour, CANX – 20222023-06-21T18:45:23-07:00
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