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Race Across India 2024


PLEASE NOTE REVISED START DATE! Race Across India is a 3651 km race across north to south of INDIA, crossing 12 States, with temperature range of 0C to 25C , and crossing major cities like Delhi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore. It is the Longest Cycling Race event in Asia continent. The race welcomes entrants in either solo, 2X or 4X relay teams.

Race Across India 20242024-04-07T17:46:21-07:00

Race Around Austria, 2024


The Extreme Race Around Austria is, with its 2,200 km, alongside the border of Austria the toughest bike race in Europe and a qualifying race for the legendary Race Across America. This ain't no tour, it's not a stage race. Time is running non-stop till the finish line, either by yourself or in a team. Team Race Around Austria, tow or four athletes share the route individually.

Race Around Austria, 20242024-01-10T16:16:59-08:00

Race Across America – 2024


Beginning in Oceanside, California and continuing non-stop to the finish in Annapolis, Maryland, the Race Across America (RAAM) is one of the most well known ultra-endurance events across all sports. It has been running since the early 1980's and while it has included finishes by professional cyclists, it has also seen its share of relative newcomers to competitive cycling. There are race formats that welcome solo riders as well as two, four, or eight person relay teams. Solo racers must qualify by performance in at least one 'RAAM Qualifier' event. Qualification standards do not apply to relay teams. RAAM does [...]

Race Across America – 20242024-01-08T19:04:35-08:00

Race Across the West, 2024


Beginning in Oceanside, California and continuing non-stop to the finish in Durango, Colorado, the Race Across the West (RAW) is run coincident with RAAM and utilizes the same course, while ending after 930 miles in Durango.. While much shorter than the full RAAM event, the RAW challenges riders with the extremes of elevation gain, altitude and desert heat.

Race Across the West, 20242024-01-08T19:22:03-08:00

K2K – Kashmir to Kanyakumar, 2023


K2K has been called the Journey Extraordinaire, A grueling journey that stretches approximately 3,600 kilometers from the northern most state of India “Kashmir” to the Southernmost tip of India called Cape Comorin and later named also as Kanyakumari. The journey from sky to the ocean begins 12,000 feet up in the Himalayas and finishes at Cape Comorin/Kanyakumari, the confluencing town of Bay of Bengal, adjoining the Indian Ocean and Arabian sea. The route includes pre-planned overnight locations with ultra-distance days between each one.

K2K – Kashmir to Kanyakumar, 20232023-07-18T09:23:24-07:00
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