Bill Windhorst – Indoor Track Record – 100km – Jan 12 2020


   Bill Windhorst - Indoor Track Record - 100km - Jan 12 2020 Congratulations to Bill Windhorst for setting the men's 60-69 Age group record for the 100Km Indoor Track on an upright bike with a time of 2:55:20.05 Here is his personal account of the attempt: My attempt to set the 100k solo indoor track record was held at the Lexus Velodrome, in Detroit, Michigan (USA) for age 60-69, on 1/12/2020.  You’ll understand why it took 00:2:55:21 to complete. Lexus is a 166 meter wood track.  50 degree turns & 15-20 in the straights.  “Only” 600 laps of the [...]

Bill Windhorst – Indoor Track Record – 100km – Jan 12 20202020-02-19T01:45:33-08:00

Roland Schell – Faired Recumbent Trike (HPV) – August 25, 2018


On Saturday, 25th of August 2018, we arrived on the IVECO Test Track for Roland Schell's attempt at 24h Outdoor Track with the streamlined Milan SL (faired recumbent) - which he planned to use 2 of. Since 2 of the Crew already were ill with flu-like symptoms preparation took longer than anticipated. Traffic cones were placed in the banked curves and inspected. A large amount of broken off metal nuts and bolts were removed from the track for safety reasons and the electronic timekeeping was installed and tested. Weather conditions weren't great, it started to rain at around 2 p.m. [...]

Roland Schell – Faired Recumbent Trike (HPV) – August 25, 20182018-10-14T22:23:36-07:00

Karen Taylor – 100 Km outdoor track – August 8, 2018


      Rider’s Narrative Summary Record attempt by Karen Taylor Age 52 Masters Category Attempt date: 08/08/2018 at 10:00 am GMT Held at Quibell Park Outdoor Velodrome – Length 485m, surface macadam, degree of banking at ends 45 degrees, degree of middle of banking at middle of straights 12 degree’s, length of straights 100m. The conditions were warm at 23.3 celsius and as the attempt went on the wind picked up with short gusts hitting me into the bends and along the back straight causing balance issues. The idea of doing a track record attempt was thought of as [...]

Karen Taylor – 100 Km outdoor track – August 8, 20182018-08-19T22:00:21-07:00

Carlo Tannoury Santa Barbara to San Diego City Hall May 11, 2018


My name is Carlo Tannoury and I have complete a city to city record attempt Santa Barbara city hall to San Diego city hall just because I am passionate about cycling and I love California. Participating in the endurance events and championships lately, I encounter cyclists mapping the floor with Lance's best ever record with races that are far longer. Feeling frustrated with those unnatural performances, I set to go after old records were people had a free and clean spirit. This one in particular was completed in 1986 with a believable speed attainable by fit cyclist with any extra [...]

Carlo Tannoury Santa Barbara to San Diego City Hall May 11, 20182018-06-10T20:09:24-07:00

Mitch Anderson Outdoor Track Records 3-31-2018


Congrats to Mitch Anderson on these 5 new WUCA/UMCA records in the Standard 18-49 division Distance Event Kilometers Time Avg Sp (Km) Avg Sp (Miles) 300 Kilometer outdoor track 0:7:42:37.67 38.91 24.18 500 Kilometer outdoor track 0:13:18:5.80 37.59 23.36 Distance Event Miles Time Avg Sp (Miles) Avg Sp (Km) 300 Mile outdoor track 0:12:42:10.87 23.62 38.01 500 Mile outdoor track 0:21:32:10.39 23.22 37.36 Timed Event Miles Kilometers Avg Sp (Miles) Avg Sp (Km) 24 Hour outdoor track 555.723 894.349 23.16 37.26 See Mitch's report below Not Just Another 24hours 895km Outdoor Track Cycling World Record AARC, Wensleydale Vic April 17:38 [...]

Mitch Anderson Outdoor Track Records 3-31-20182018-04-22T00:26:18-07:00

Christoph Strasser Sets Eleven Records on Indoor Track


Record attempt: indoor track 6/12/24h, indoor track 100/200/300/500km, indoor track 100/200/300/500mi by Christoph Strasser (AUT) Date and location: The attempt was startet on Saturday, 14th October and ended on Sunday 15th October 2017 at 1pm in the Tissot-Velodrome Suisse, which is known from international record rides like the 1-hour-UCI-record from Jens Voigt and Rohan Dennis. The conditions in the Velodrome were perfect, the track is very new and in a perfect condition, the temperature and humidity very comfortable and stable. Equipment: I was considering to ride a track bike but then decided to ride on a road bike, because I [...]

Christoph Strasser Sets Eleven Records on Indoor Track2017-11-06T23:47:45-08:00

Steve Hodge and Olly Howarth Wales W-E


This has been a challenge from the outset. Originally I had planned to ride this attempt with my brother on a custom build tandem. Alas a problem sorting wheels from Holland with a supplier who let us down. Eventually lead to us having to ride an older lightweight touring tandem of mine. Whilst a good  bike, it was not designed for what we wanted to do. The next problem was my stoker and brother Iain due to circumstances beyond his control had to pull out at the eleventh hour. The support team and official had no other window than the [...]

Steve Hodge and Olly Howarth Wales W-E2017-10-09T16:05:55-07:00

Mikel Azparren Outdoor Track records


El reto empezó con 10' de retraso debido a unos problemas de tráfico que luego fueron resueltos. Haría unos 16 grados y poco viento a la salida. Durante los primeros 100km mantuve un ritmo vivo y me sentí con fuerzas . Pero al llegar a la tercera hora noté que mi estómago no digería bien la comida ni la bebida y me di cuenta que sería muy difícil poder hacer las 12 horas así. Con todo, intenté seguir vuelta tras vuelta. Hasta darme cuenta a las 7 horas pasadas que no podía seguir, mi cuerpo estaba vacío y no podía [...]

Mikel Azparren Outdoor Track records2017-09-06T02:38:10-07:00

Chris Davies Sacramento-Carson City records


Online at: https://www.facebook.com/notes/chris-davies/umca-capital-to-capital-record-attempt/1443335429081359/ It starts with having the right crew. Record Attempt: WUCA Capital to Capital (to Capital) Sacramento, CA to Carson City, NV and back to Sacramento, CA Rider: Mark Christopher Davies, Solo Male 40-49 Crew: Robert Baldino, Kevin Van Dyke Official: Paul Carpenter Ride times: Sacramento, CA to Carson City, NV (S -> N), Aug 8, 2017, 00:09a to Aug 8, 2017, 10:27, 10 hours, 18 minutes, 147.1 miles, 12725’ of climbing, https://ridewithgps.com/routes/22708623 Carson City, NV to Sacramento, CA, (N -> S), Aug 8 2017, 11:10a to Aug 8, 2017, 21:56, 10 hours, 46 minutes, 147.3 miles, 8256’ [...]

Chris Davies Sacramento-Carson City records2017-08-20T01:40:44-07:00

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