Tor Tour 2024 500km

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TORTOUR Ultra is the largest multi-day non-stop ultracycling event in the world. The race, which starts and finishes in Zurich, demands everything from cyclists and their crew: a 1000-kilometer non-stop race over several Alpine passes around Switzerland can be conquered in just two days – day and night, solo or in a team. The hard, sweaty adventure promises unforgettable emotions and a unique cycling experience. The official Swiss Ultracycling Championships are held in this format every year.The TORTOUR Ultra format leads over around 1,000 kilometers. The individual riders and teams need between 26 and 52 hours for this route.
The race runs day and night – a great challenge for both riders and team.
Solo, 2-person and 4-person teams as well as the Open category (5-8 athletes)
Men, women and mixed categories
Control or changing posts (timestations) approx. Every 50 kilometers
There is only one rider riding at a time, the others ride in the support vehicle and change at the timestations. Exception: The whole team rides together on the first stage, in the middle of the race, and the last stage.

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