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As the name suggests, Race Romantika Uz Beas is romancing alongwith Beas, as through most of the route racers would experience beauty of river Beas going alongwith the route. At some patches, it touches the edges of the road even.
The event will see the racers starting from the Chohal Lake situated in the vicinity of Hoshiarpur, then entering into the Land of Gods Himachal Pradesh, passing through Mubarakapur, Maa Chintpurni, Dhaliara they will reach Dehra Gopipur that is a town situated in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Situated at an average elevation of 503 meters, Dehra Gopipur is regarded as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the country. There are as number of beautiful locations in and around the region. The scenic surroundings, the flowing Beas River and the Pong Reservoir make this place more appealing among the tourists.

Paragpur, a small town located in Dehra Gopipur has been enlisted as the World Heritage Village in India. The pristine beauty and glorious historical background has earned this place, the tag of being a wonderful destination that showcases the traditional values of the local folks. Dehra Gopipur has wonderful climatic condition throughout the year.

The Race route goes through Nagrota Bagwan towards the most scenic surroundings of tea estates near Palampur.At some points, toy train can also be seen alongwith the race route. After Joginder Nagar while Race proceeds towards Kullu -the turn around point of the Romantika Uz Beas is there which is famous for World renowned Dussehra. Racers would return back through the same route to Hoshairpur.

As this Race is happening in the month of June, when Fahrenheit scale is at its peak, but the interesting part is that Racers would experience mild weather overall except 12p.m. to 3p.m.and nights would be colder.

At this part of year, no one can think of Ultra Race in Indian Weather but route and location is more appropriate and appealing to attempt RQ Romantika Uz Beas.

Being Summer holidays,it can be a complete familiy affair for the support crew, enjoying the route and boosting up the Racer. If attempting in team, it would be a great experience not only to test the metal of the team on the terrain as well as enjoy the route to the fullest. Being one of the most scenic route in the World, even a wild attempt with friends accompanying as support crew would be worth a take.

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