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In 2022, the second edition of the longest one-stage cycling race in Poland will start from Warsaw.The race route runs along the Polish border and has a total of 3,600 kilometers and 31,000 meters of elevation.
Race Around Poland is the answer to the growing popularity of long distance cycling. We support professional cyclists in front of TV sets, but we are also excited about cycling. As amateurs starting their adventure with cycling at a very different age, we have no chance to compete in the Tour de France or Milan – San Remo. However, we can always break our own distance records. When we drive our first 100 kilometers, we feel like 200, 400, 1000. Maybe even 3600 km?
The RAP route is one and gives everyone the opportunity to face their maximum distance. The minimum distance to complete the race is 300 km with the finish at the first checkpoint in Hrubieszów near the Ukrainian border. Similarly, you can finish the race at 600, 900, or after any multiple of 300 km, because the control points are arranged in this way.
RAP is a combination of two worlds – races with support teams and self-supported marathons. Both options are available. You can also go solo or in a relay team made up of family, friends or employees of the company. The limit for completing the full distance solo is 12 days and 8 days in the relay.
One of the organizers of the race is Remek Siudziński (Ultrakolarz). The inspiration to create the Race Around Poland were races like Race Across America, Race Across Europe and Race Across Europe.
“We want the race to be organized perfectly, that’s why we started working on it a year and a half before the start and we are already communicating its principles to you today. In this way, you have time to plan such a challenge, prepare your physical, mental, equipment, logistics as well as the support team or relay team.
What’s more, we want to be with you at the stage of plans and preparations, which is why we encourage you to contact us and help. ” – said Siudziński

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