Race Around Poland, 2021

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Race Around Poland is the answer to the growing popularity of long-distance cycling. There is one RAP route and it gives you the opportunity to face the challenge of your maximum distance.

RAP is a combination of two worlds – supported cycling races and unsupported bike marathons. Both options are available.   Race categories will include: unsupported, semisupported, supported, 2-person team, and 4-person teams.

Our crew, drawing on 10-year experience, having taken part in events like the Race Across America, Race Across Europe, Race Around Austria, Baltic-Bieszczady Tour, Cycling Marathon Around Poland or North-South Marathon, wants to give you a chance to have the best experience possible, while your cycling dream will be coming true. We are very convinced of this and treat it as our mission, our goal!

Race Type: 1000 Mile +

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