Psycho 48, 2022 – 12-hr TT

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Two whole days and nights to ride your bike! How great is that?? Come join your fellow Psychos and ride as much or as little as you like. 50 miles? Fine, we’re here for you, baby. Your first Century? The first is the worst but we gotcha covered! 12 hours?…. Sweet spot ride, right there. Twenty four hours you say..??? Pssht, anyone can do that. Okay, 48 stinking hours?? Now we’re talking! YOU. ARE. PSYCHO!! And we LOVE you!!Maybe you’re training for RAAM, maybe a race or a record of some sort; whatever! Come out and ride your bike and do your best!! Or your mediocre, all up to you, just show up! This laid back, grass roots riding event is one of the best you’ll ever attend – after last year’s inaugural event and with your feedback, The Psycho is only going to keep getting better!

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