Dear WUCA members,

The WUCA Board would first like to thank you all for being active members of the great and international sport of ultra-marathon cycling. Secondly for nominating members you know and trust to serve on the Board in 2017 and being patient whilst we collected personal statements during the busy holiday period.

In total we received 15 total nominations for the 9 open Board positions.

  • 3 names were rejected due to cause. Rejection was not done lightly, we assure you. Out of politeness and dignity, those names or the reasons for their nominations being rejected will not be disclosed publicly or privately at this time. Concerns can be addressed to the Board.
  • Whilst preparations were being made for an election, 3 names were personally pulled from the nomination list by the nominees themselves, as those individuals did not feel that they had the time right now to devote to the WUCA Board. We hope to see them nominated and in a position to run next fall.
  • That left 9 names to fill the 9 Board positions. As outlined in our previous communications as to what would happen next, this means that we do not need an election as those 9 people have been appointed and welcomed to the WUCA Board for 2017.


Those members and their term lengths follow:

Jim Doggett – 3 years
Chris (Hoppo) Hopkinson – 3 years
Larry Oslund – 3 years
Richard Nicholson – 2 years
Jim Parker – 2 years
Gerry Eddlemon – 2 years
Marko Baloh – 1 year
Nancy Guth – 1 year
Brian Uline – 1 year

​Co​ngratulations to the above members of the 2017 WUCA Board of Directors. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is an impressive list of accomplished ultra-cyclists who we hope will be able to take the organisation to new levels in the coming years. Personal emails have been sent out informing the new WUCA Board members. Their first meeting will take place in January.

We look forward to serving you: our ultra-cycling community (of which we are also active members) in 2017.

​Wishing you safe cycling,​

​Your WUCA Board of Directors​