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Eating For a Century, Brevet or Double Century


Whether you're going for a P.R. or prefer to smell the roses, nutritional factors will be major determinants of how successfully you meet your goals for a century, brevet, or double century. by Susan I. Barr, PhD, RDN Susan Barr, is on the faculty of University of British Columbia in nutrition. She is a veteran of Paris-Brest-Paris, the Rocky Mountain 1200 and many PAC Tours and Pacific Crest Tours. Introduction Optimizing your performance from the nutrition perspective involves a three-pronged approach: 1) glycogen supercompensation (carbohydrate loading) the week before the event; 2) eating a meal the morning of the event; [...]

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Choosing an Ultra Bike


"Which bicycle would you like to be on for the last half of a double century?" by Lon Haldeman Lon Haldeman is a co-founder of both the WUCA and RAAM. He is co-owner of PAC Tour. He is the two-time winner of the Race Across America, holder of the men's tandem cross-country record (with Pete Penseyres) and the mixed tandem cross-country record (with Susan Notorangelo) Introduction "What kind of bike should I buy for long distance cycling?" I am often asked by riders preparing for our cross country PAC Tours. These riders are just as interested in good equipment as [...]

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