Eddlemon Track 2007


Outdoor Track Bicycle Record 100-mile, 200-mile and 12-hour “How did I keep my sanity whipping around a steeply banked concrete track 1052 times? My first answer is that I didn't” Rider: Gerald Eddlemon, WUCA member #3996 Bicycle category and division: Standard, mens 60-69 Record type: Outdoor track Location: Major Taylor Velodrome, Indianapolis, IN Record: 100-mile 200-mile 12-hour Date: 29 Sep 2007 Elapsed time (hh:mm:ss): 4:57:40 10:56:22 12:00:00 Distance, speed: 100 mi, 20.16 mph 200 mi, 18.28 mph 217.9 mi, 18.16 mph Officials: Mike Jacob, Jeff Ryan, Bruce Shawcroft, John Mead, Joe McNeeley Crew: Mikki Eddlemon, Mark Cristy, and David Lang [...]