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Indoor Challenge Rules2019-12-24T10:39:02-08:00

1. When.  The Indoor Challenge runs each Winter beginning November 1 and ending March 31.

2. Equipment.  Rides may be done on any indoor bicycling equipment.

3. Breaks. No more than one break per hour, and no more than five minutes per break. Break time does not count toward pedaling time. On rides of six hours or more, an additional 15 minute break is allowed every six hours. (i.e. 6 hours can have total of 45 min break, etc)

4. Points. A ride must be at least 2 hours long to earn points. Additional points are awarded only for full hour increments as follows:

  • 1st full two hours in a session = 2 points
  • next full hour (3rd hr) = 2 points
  • next full hour (4th hr) = 3 points
  • next full hour (5th hr) = 4 points
  • next full hour and subsequent full hours = 5 points per hour

5. Submissions. Sessions should be submitted on-line using the indoor ride submission form. To be counted, results must be sent within two weeks for of the ride. You can always access the current indoor standings on the WUCA website.

6. Registration. The indoor challenge is open to anyone who is a WUCA member. No registration is necessary, just submit your results online.
NOTE: We had decided earlier this year that 2018-2019 Indoor Challenge would be the last one since we now also have an indoor class in the Year Rounder Challenge. However we forgot to remove it from the website and people started using it again. This is fine. The Board has decided to just let it continue. If you were caught off guard and did not enter your rides in this challenge because of that, we have waived the 2 week submission deadline between Nov 1 and Dec 31. Therefore you are free to enter any indoor rides of over 2 hours and they will count for towards your total.