Australia West-East – Christoph Strasser

/Australia West-East – Christoph Strasser

Australia West-East – Christoph Strasser

Congratulations! Your new record is now officially certified by World UltraCycling Association (WUCA).

A first for the WUCA, a new record across Australia. Christoph is training for another RAAM attempt and on this trans-Australia ride he maintained an average speed very close to his best RAAM record speed of 16.54 mph.


Photos: (C) Manuel Hausdorfer |

Rider Information

Rider Name: Christoph Strasser
Age: 35
Age Group: Men 18-49
Rider Hometown: Graz
Rider Country: Austria
Rider Website: Link

Record Information

Record Type: Cross Country
Record Country: Australia
Record Category: Solo
Bike Type: Standard
Record Start Date: 2017-01-10
Record End Date: 2017-01-17

Record Statistics

Direction: W-E
Start Point: AUSTRALIA - WEST - Cottesloe Indiana Beach Hotel, (104 Marine Parade) Perth, Australia.
End Point: AUSTRALIA - EAST - Opera House (Bennelong Point), Sydney, Australia.
Distance (miles): 2449.5
Time (days:hours:minutes): 06:10:58
Speed (miles/hour): 15.80

Extra Information

Officials: Markus Kinzlbauer, Jürgen Gruber
Crew: Gerd Skant, Manuel Hausdorfer, Arnold Schulz, Michael Pletz, Christian Loitzl, Markus Vogl
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