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Maxwell Randles-Hall – Wales N-S attempt – Sept 4, 2022

Congratulations to Maxwell Randles-Hall for setting a new WUCA record for the Wales N-S  in the Male, 18-49 age group

Anna Mei – 24 hour indoor velodrome attempt – Sept 3-4, 2022

Congratulations to Anna Mei for her 3 new WUCA World Records in the Female, indoor velodrome, standard bike, 50-59 age

John Burrell – 100 Km Outdoor Velodrome Attempt – Sept 14, 2022

Congratulations to John Burrell for setting a new WUCA record for 100 Km Outdoor Velodrome in the  Male, 75-79 age

Velankar-Verma Tandem attempt – Agra – Delhi – Srinagar – Leh – Umling La – Aug 15-Sept 3, 2022

Congratulations to  the Tandem team of Meera Velankar and Utkarsh Verma who set the new Unsupported WUCA world record for

Holger Seidel – Germany S-N Attempt – Aug 27-28, 2022

Congratulations to Holger Seidel who set the Germany S-N record for Velomobile in the Male, 18-49 age group categories. He
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