Meagan Gehrke – Ohio W-E record – Oct, 3 2020

//Meagan Gehrke – Ohio W-E record – Oct, 3 2020

Congratulations to Meagan Gehrke who broke the existing Ohio W-E record on Oct, 3 2020 in the following category:  Solo, Female, 18-49 age group on a standard bike

She broke the record set by Maria Vazquez on Sept 21, 2019 – which was 16 hr 21 mins.

Meagan rode the 230 miles in 13 hrs 43 min = for an average speed of 16.77 mph

Rider’s Narrative Summary 

Meagan Gehrke completed the Ohio W-E on October 3rd 2020 starting at 5:07am. We started at SR114 on the Indiana border. It was 35*F with no wind which made for an extra chilly start. We layered with  jackets for easier stripping because temperatures were expected to get up to 60*F. I decided to complete this record because my racing calendar was wide open from cancellations and we only needed a few people to do this safely. I rode my purple 2017 Cannondale CAAD12 that was outfitted with Zip aero bars and borrowed Zip wheels. I purchased this frame in 2016 and with the help of Paradise Garage, built her as a road/crit bike. Clothing wise I was lucky enough to get to try Machines for Freedom Versitile Pant and Summerweight Jersey which did spectacular at 45* and up! I ate mostly Skratch Chews (Green Tea or  Black Cherry), Skratch Anytime Bars (Lemon Raspberry or Pistachio), and Skratch hydration mix for a  majority of the attempt. I had a turkey wrap with cheese for lunch, and at some point post 100 miles we hato buy a salt shaker from a mom and pop shop when we discovered the Salt Sticks weren’t packed. It tasted like what my mom used to make me gurgle when we lost a tooth. My favorite part was getting to  watch the sun rise for the first 3 hours. The hardest part was getting back in the groove when I crashed in Akron. I was reaching back with my right hand to put a wrapper in my pocket. With full weight on my left handlebar, I hit the edge of a manhole causing me to swerve. Unable to correct I fell on my right side. With the approval of my crew, after they checked me and my bike, I continued on the last 50 miles. I rolled accross the Pennslyvannia border on SR 224 at 6:49pm making my total time for the attempt 13h43m.

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