Bharat Pannu – India N-S – 2019-10-29

Congratulations to Bharat Pannu for setting the India N-S Male (18-49) record on a Standard bike from 2019-10-2 1 to

Gerald Eddlemon – Outdoor Track records – 2019-10-18

Congratulations to Gerald (Gerry) Eddlemon for breaking 2 existing records in the 70+ age group category. 200 km in 07:35:54.89

Matt Stephens – Wales S-N – 2019-11-18

Congratulation to Matt Stevens who set the male (18-49) Standard record for the Wales S-N. He rode the 174.4 miles

Anna Mei – San Marino to Rome- 2019-10-04

Congratulations to Anna Mei who set two Women’s Master (50-59) records on a standard bike from San Marino to Rome

Maria Vazquez – Ohio W-E – 2019-09-21

Congratulation to Maria for setting this Ohio W-E record for female (18-40) on a standard bike      Here is