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Set a cross-state record or other record! The UltraMarathon Cycling Association recognizes records by gender and age. Records may be set by solo bicycle riders, tandem cyclists and 2- or 4-person relay teams. Record setters receive a UMCA plaque and are recognized in UltraCycling magazine.

Types of Recordsplaque

The UMCA recognizes the following types of records:

Process to Set a Record

Any UMCA member is eligible to establish or challenge an ultra cycling record according to established rules (revised for 2015).

An UMCA official must be present at all times during the cycling record attempt. The official is a UMCA member approved by the Records chair (records @ ultracycling.com).

The rider must have a support crew and support vehicle for any cycling record attempt. No unsupported efforts will be recognized by the UMCA.


The UMCA distinguishes the following categories:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
    • 49 and under
    • 50 - 59
    • 60-69
    • 70+
  3. Bicycle Type
    • road bicycle
    • tandem bicycle
    • recumbent bicycle
    • human powered vehicle, i.e., a recumbent with accessories to reduce aerodynamic drag
    • hand-powered bicycle
  4. Rider configuration
    • solo racer
    • tandem bicycle (male, female, or mixed)
    • 4-person relay team (male, female, or mixed)
    • 2-person relay team (male, female, or mixed)